Find anything online with Google dorks — part 1

Basic Searches

So let’s get started with some incredibly simple Google dorks and use them individually to understand how they work. Then we can begin linking them together. I will do my best to make a number of examples for different scenarios, but you can always get in touch if you need help with specific dorks for your use case.

The ‘site’ operator

This is by far the fastest way to limit search results to a specific website and can actually be useful when a website search box isn’t giving you the information you need. It’s really simple to use, if you wanted just facebook information, you would use:

The ‘filetype’ operator

Filetype is incredibly useful if you are looking for specific document types, whether they be PDF, Word (doc, docx), CSV’s or spreadsheets, you can restrict your search to many file types. With enough time and the correct search parameters you will be somewhat shocked at what is available online. For example, the below search returns some interesting results

filetype:pdf AND "manifesto"

The ‘Intitle’ and ‘allintitle’ operators

The ‘intitle’ and ‘allintitle’ operators provide us an opportunity to further narrow our results with the ability to restrict our search for words contained in a page title.

intitle:"non profit scam"

The ‘Inurl’ operator

‘Inurl:’ is another extremely useful operator when needing to look for specific keywords within the website address itself. These operators become particularly useful when quickly wanting to search for all blogs on OSINT for example.

inurl:blog AND "OSINT"

The ‘Intext’ operator

Intext is another useful operator allowing you to search for words in the content of pages. This could prove incredibly useful when searching for sensitive documents on specific topics, for example

intext:"classified" OR "internal use only" OR "confidential" filetype:pdf

Putting it all together

Now, lets try to use some operators to find some more interesting information to see what’s truly available to be found online. Pastebins, for example, can be an absolute treasure trove of information and with the right search queries, you can find so data to start any investigation. ("pass" OR "password") ("" OR "" OR "") *also works with company emails* ("NSA") ("leaked" OR "leak" OR "dump" OR "database")



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Antony Williams

Antony Williams

I’m Antony Williams. I’m an intelligence analyst and investigative journalist with over 16 years experience of prying into the hidden world of intelligence.